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How can online gamers protect themselves from hackers?

Posted on Monday, August 18th, 2014 in Cyber Security

Worldwide more than 1.2 billion of us are playing games, and 700 million are doing so online (SpilGames, 2013). Whether we’re virtually farming on Facebook or immersing ourselves in a sci-fi fantasy on the PC – the industry is massive. In fact, according to current projections the video-game industry is expected to exceed $86 billion by 2016 (BigFishGames, 2014). So, with so many of us investing so much into gaming you’d think we’d do everything we can to protect our accounts. Yet, surveys have shown that around 34% of gamers on social platforms have experienced password hacking or phishing and 17% of them stopped playing as a result (Social gamer survey). That’s a lot of people.

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