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Bob’s Cyber Security Hub is your organisation’s own internal knowledge centre for everything information security related. From here you can host and manage all of your policies and modules, log incidents, create compliance reports, and discover new e-learning modules.

Within Bob’s Cyber Security Hub, we enable you to upload your own and third party content meaning that any resources you utilise currently can still become part of the cyber security training your employees must complete.

Your users will feel right at home browsing Bob’s Cyber Security Hub with its user friendly navigation and simple layout that can be tailored to reflect your corporate identity, therefore employees will be able to recognise the branding behind the learning management system.

Learning management system Benefits:

  • Administrators are able to add any additional training content and materials as well as reflect their corporate branding on the fully customisable learning platform
  • Policies integration allows for tracking and report generation
  • You can link Bob’s Cyber Security Hub to your business for single sign-on.

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