A Week In The Life of Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business is incredibly lucky to have four different students working at Bob’s Business over the month of August where they get a chance to gain work experience in the Cyber Security Field. Sally Shenton, who was interested in marketing, was the first student to visit us and this is her experience

I have recently been at Bob’s Business on work experience and despite my placement only being a week, I feel that I have grown my skills set throughout this experience.

Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had been given the placement through the Barnsley Internship Program ran by C&K Careers. When I arrived however, I knew straight away that it was a very friendly environment; one that i was looking forward to working in.

One of things I would say that I have learnt is how to use my initiative. In school I have worked independently but I have never really had to use my initiative. However, at Bob’s Business I have learnt how to use my initiative through carrying out tasks such as creating a newsletter, coming up with ideas for social media campaigns and researching.

When creating the newsletter I independently used indesign and then took my end product to be moderated by the marketing team where they gave me useful guidance on how to improve and make things better. I have also learnt that the key to team working is a positive spirit; I have seen this evidenced by all of the Bob’s Business employees who all get along great.

Working at Bob’s Business allowed me to get an accurate idea of what working at an IT company is like. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Bob’s Business and would definitely view IT as a possible career option in the future.

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