Apprenticeship Week at Bob’s Business

This week Bob and the team are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week.

With a total of 491,300 apprenticeship starts between the academic year of 2016-2017, apprenticeships throughout the UK have become a popular framework of employment within organisations.

Apprenticeships provide benefits not only to individuals looking to peruse and develop a new career path, but for businesses and the wider economy, with Bob’s Business being no exception.

Here at Bob’s Business, apprenticeships have become a pivotal part of our everyday operations, where our team of 27 members is now made up of 5 apprentices. In the past 5 years we have employed a total of 14 apprentices across all departments, with another currently in the process of being signed up. Amongst our apprentices there have been some exceptional success stories, including 3 of our apprentices progressing into team leaders for different departments, and 3 apprentices gaining level 4 qualifications.

One of the major issues that aspiring professionals now encounter, in particular the younger demographic, is gaining real-world work experience and the ability to showcase it on their CV’s. Apprenticeship opportunities are the perfect solution, allowing individuals to earn while they learn, gain accredited qualifications, attain invaluable work experience, whilst becoming an essential part of a professional working team.

With the majority (92%) of Apprentices in work feeling that their apprenticeship has
had a positive impact on their career, and 90% of apprentices currently going into work or further training, it is of no surprise that apprenticeships have become a popular choice for ambitious and career driven individuals.

Meet some of our Apprentices

Meet Adam

Adam Haywood joined the team in October 2017, where he became a member of our Customer Service team. Before joining Bob’s Business, Adam was studying for a Level 3 qualification in Computing at Barnsley College, however having come across our Customer Service Apprentice role, he decided it would be a great opportunity to take his first steps on the career ladder and gain valuable working experience.

“The reason I chose an apprenticeship is to allow myself to be learning while working at the same time. The apprenticeship has benefited me massively as I feel I have grown in confidence and developed a good understanding of the business.”

“I feel that choosing an apprenticeship allows me to achieve more than being in college, as I am learning on the job and the experience is vital. I also believe an apprenticeship will help me in the future as many employers are wanting staff to have experience”.

Adam is now 6 months into his apprenticeship and is already proving to be an instrumental member of the Customer Service Team, working under team leader Owen, whom himself started out as an apprentice.

Favourite thing about Bob’s: “The people who work here!”

Biggest accomplishment to date: “Learning the ins and outs of Bob’s Cyber Security Hub.”

Words of wisdom to others considering an apprenticeship: “It’s really worth it, the experience is vital.”

Sum up your apprenticeship in 3 words: “Best choice made”

Meet Owen

Owen Godany started out at Bob’s in 2015, studying for an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. With most of Owen’s hobbies focused around digital marketing activities, he felt our apprenticeship was a great opportunity to put his passion and skills into working practice.

“After leaving college I was unsure what I could do next, mainly because university isn’t really what I wanted to do straight after leaving college. Instead I would rather gain experience of a working environment, as well as gaining the qualifications that would be very useful to me in the future.”

Throughout his time at Bob’s Business, having completed his apprenticeship, the team at Bob’s recognised Owen’s talent in delivering high levels of Customer Service , therefore he took the opportunity to shift departments, where he now leads a team of 3 full time members within the Customer Service team.

Favourite thing about Bob’s: “No day is the same, great team spirit and the idea of Bob is very unique.”

Biggest accomplishment to date: “Getting over 210k users set up on Bob’s Cyber Security hub.”

Words of wisdom to others considering an apprenticeship:  “It’s a great way to start learning and understanding the job you want to do in the future.”

Sum up your apprenticeship in 3 words: “Fast – Exciting – Useful”

Meet Sophie

Sophie Kaye joined the team in February 2018, taking on the position as Business Administration Apprentice. Having finished her High School studies, Sophie was looking to gain some real world working experience and develop her business acumen. Having only started at Bob’s recently, Sophie has already settled in very quickly, working alongside both the Customer Service and Marketing departments.

“There is always someone there to help if you are stuck or have nothing to do, you will find a friendly face round every corner and never feel alone or patronised; you actually have a voice instead of being told what to do and having no opinions or chance to use your initiative like at some other business.”

“I never really considered an apprenticeship before coming to work for Bob’s Business, I assumed from High School that you were supposed to get you GCSE’s, then your A-levels, going to Uni and getting a degree before finally getting a job. I found this isn’t the case and an apprenticeship is a brilliant idea, you can train in the workplace whilst getting a qualification.”

Favourite thing about Bob’s: “I really enjoy the working environment Bob’s has, it’s very friendly making it feel safe as well as fun!”

Biggest accomplishment to date: “In my first week of working at Bob’s Business I wrote a blog for the Random Act of Kindness Day about Anti-Bribery. I think it was a good start to working at Bobs and I am very proud of it!”

Words of wisdom to others considering an apprenticeship:
 “You are getting experience making you more employable than if you just went to University and never had a job in your life, it doesn’t always how smart you are, if you have a bad work ethic you won’t get employed.”

Sum up your apprenticeship in 3 words: “A Brilliant Opportunity!”

Meet Steven

Steven Turner joined the team in November 2016. Prior to starting at Bob’s, Steven studied Film and TV production at Barnsley College, and upon completion of his college studies, was seeking a role within the creative industry.

“I chose an apprenticeship after being at college for 2 years. Many of the people I knew progressed on to university courses. I felt like an apprenticeship was the way forward for me. Working close to home and getting industry experience and my foot in the door was important to me. “

Having previous experience in the eLearning environment, Steven decided that our level 3 Digital and Creative Media apprenticeship would be the perfect opportunity for him to develop his skills and workplace experience. In May this year he will have successfully completed his Apprenticeship, where he will then proceed to take the full time role of eLearning Developer at Bob’s Business.

“Looking back, it was the best decision I have made. My employer has given me the opportunity to grow as a professional as well as an individual.”

Favourite thing about Bob’s: “The variety of work that I do, means no two days are the same.”

Biggest accomplishment to date: “Developing the mark 2 Cyber Security Awareness modules.”

Words of wisdom to others considering an apprenticeship: “Apprenticeships give you industry skills in a work based scene. No classes and lectures, just real-life hands on practical experiences.”

Sum up your apprenticeship in 3 words: “Creative, varied & unique”

Meet Dale

Dale Parrish is the longest serving employee at Bob’s Business, starting out as an IT Apprentice in 2013. Throughout his time, Dale’s hard work and determination combined with his positive can do attitude, has enabled him to work his way up to the full time position as team leader of our newly formed Phishing department.

“The apprenticeship has being extremely beneficial to me. Having the ability to study whilst earning has provided me with great building blocks in my career path, enabling me to gain valuable real world working experience!”

Dale now leads a team of 4 full time members, demonstrating the progress and achievements that he has made over his 5 years at Bob’s, also showcasing the potential that apprenticeships can offer for aspiring individuals.

“Being able to naturally progress within Bob’s Business was a massive factor in taking up an apprenticeship.”

Favourite thing about Bob’s:
 “I enjoy working in an environment that is fast-paced and dynamic. No day is the same!”

Biggest accomplishment to date: “Becoming a team leader at Bob’s Business after starting out as an apprentice. I also had a poem published into a book back in school which is up there!”

Words of wisdom to others considering an apprenticeship: “To strongly consider diving straight into the apprenticeship scheme when leaving school as it allows for learning on the job and gaining valuable experience.”

Sum up your apprenticeship in 3 words: “Exciting, Helpful and Insightful”

At Bob’s Business, we are constantly on the lookout for apprentices wanting to kick-start their career and help take Bob and the team to the next level. Make sure you follow our social media pages to stay up to date with any apprenticeship opportunities that we have available.

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