Become a Bob’s Business Partner

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new Partner Programme.

We created the programme with the aim of developing closer relationships with those organisations that wish to resell, recommend or integrate Bob’s Business cyber security awareness training as part of their managed security services portfolio.

After being in beta testing for a few months, the we are opening up the Partner Portal to all resellers and MSPs that wish to work with Bob’s Business to develop secure cultures within their client base.

Founder and Managing Director of Bob’s Business, Melanie Oldham, said “Cyber security is all about collaboration which is why we are looking forward to collaborating with Partners thanks to our new programme.

“Our Partner Programme will quickly add margin and value as part of each module, consulting or services sale by offering world class training to your customer base.”

With the WannaCry and Petya ransomware infections across the global in the past month, the need to firm up defenses and prevent these kind of attacks has increased.

Melanie Oldham said, “Humans are our best asset which is why we must engage with them and give them the education to protect us from data breaches.

“As 95% of all data breaches are caused by human error, we want to ensure that as many organisations as possible are able to implement training to maintain a secure culture.”

Bob’s Business is targeting some key markets with the new Partner Programme, these include Cloud and Hosting Providers, Telecoms Dealers, Consulting Organisations and MSPs Solution Providers and Resellers.

Initial feedback from the beta testing of the new programme has been positive with those organisations that signed up.

Melanie Oldham added: “The feedback we’ve had has been around the flexibility and simplicity surrounding the portal – allowing organisations that sign up access to important resources and tools to begin selling and promoting from the get go.”

These resources include service definition documents, case studies, marketing collateral and demo modules so those who sign up are able to get a feel for Bob’s Business.

To find out more about the Partner Programme, visit the Partner’s page on our website.

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