Bob’s Brand New Cyber Security Hub

Bob’s Business is happy to showcase to the world the brand new ‘Bob’s Cyber Security Hub’.

Over the past few weeks, Bob has been hard at work knocking through a few walls and giving the whole hub a new lick of paint to ensure that its visitors are in the most satisfying experience possible.

Completely redesigned, Bob’s Cyber Security Hub has been enhanced to ensure admins and users receive a much faster and slicker experience that will reduce loading time leading to more learning time.

Bob spent plenty of time improving his reception desk which has meant search options are more comprehensive. The newly integrated Global Search, making it simpler to look for users, and the vastly improved enrollment page allowing admins to enroll users with greater ease.

After inspecting every cog within the hub, Bob has replaced them all as users will notice much more intuitive and organised course display, increased accessibility and flexibility on the learning management system.

Bob’s paint job was wide reaching as the newly incorporated course thumbnails gives Bob’s Cyber Security Hub a fresher feel, showcasing the increased usability which is vital for those with little time to spare.

Are you unable visit the Hub at your desk? Don’t fret!

Bob’s Cyber Security Hub’s new responsive design improves mobile compatibility allowing Bob’s Business module to be done with ease on the road, on any device.

Have we whetted your appetite?

Take a look round the redecorated Bob’s Cyber Security Hub by signing up for our demo of the month here!

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