Bob’s Business is now an official supplier of G-cloud 8

We are incredibly excited to announce that Bob’s Business is now an accredited G-Cloud 8 supplier certifying us as a secure supplier for the public sector.

After weeks of hard work, we have gained a legal compilable framework which is recognised by government authorities, making it much easier to attract business from the public sector.

Our managing director, Melanie Oldham said; “G-Cloud 8 provides us with the opportunities to compete with the large organisations when it comes to government contracts.

“We have already proved we can work with government organisations as our largest client is in the public sector, so any opportunities we can take to expand further in governmental services we are going to jump at the chance.”

G-Cloud was launched to break up the monopoly big IT businesses had when it came to government contracts, with the latest projection target being to make sure that 50% of all government contracts are assigned to SMEs or medium-sized businesses.

With the inclusion of SMEs and medium-sized businesses, the government allows for IT industries to expand outside the capital as businesses who would normally be at the back of the queue for government contracts are pushed forward allowing for a more level playfield for the organisations that do not have to big budgets to spend.

Melanie added; “It can only be a positive to see the SMEs and medium-sized businesses battling for local authority contracts on a level playfield because it means that the quality of the product succeeds over the name of the brand.

“It will inevitably provide a boost to the industry allowing for more investment in staff to narrow the skill shortage within the IT sector.”

Visit our the G-Cloud 8 digital marketplace to read about and purchase all of our services.

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