Bob’s Business partners with Gooseberry Planet to protect children against online dangers.

Bob has recently joined forces with Gooseberry Planet, a new and unique app which teaches children online safety through gamification. We feel this move to take on the growing gap in online safety for young people is a great advancement in our dedication to digital and online safety for organisations and employees both in the workplace and at home.

Gooseberry Planet is a unique, new app to teach children online safety through gamification. Founded in 2014 by a mother in response to online safety for children becoming such a huge issue, with children’s internet access starting at increasingly early ages and mobile usage of social media and web services by young people continuing to rise.

Our partnership with Gooseberry Planet means that we can now offer this online safety game to clients to use with families. Not only will this aid Corporate Social Responsibility, but it will widen the whole family’s understanding of cyber security, through developing security conscious children and parents. This product comprises of a children’s gaming app and a parental app to oversee the learning, furthering our commitment to ensuring safety both in the workplace and at home, and also allowing Gooseberry Planet to branch out of schools to help even more children to become safer online.

Stella James, Managing Director of Gooseberry Planet commented:
“Bullying, sexting, grooming and many other dangers are rife on the internet but worryingly many parents are still not in tune with the current dangers or how to best protect family and friends. Our partnership with Bob’s Business enables us to reach out with our engaging and unique app that teaches children online safety through gamification; and will help many more families learn how to remain safe when online. Parents cannot always be looking over their children’s shoulders and it’s not just about monitoring what they do; rather helping the kids learn in an interactive way how to identify and so avoid the dangers themselves.”

More information on this new service can be found here

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