Infosecurity Europe 2019- A look back

Infosecurity Europe is one of the largest gatherings of information security professionals in the UK, and this June we returned for our 8th year running. At the event we spoke to a lot of people who were concerned about the latest cyber security threats and what they can do to reduce the risks around them. […]

How Psychology can Protect your Employees Against Cyber Attacks

Sathpal Panesar Behaviour Analyst Contrary to popular belief, phishing is aimed to take advantage of the way humans interact with computers and interpret messages, rather than taking advantage of technical vulnerabilities. Research tells us that humans can be easily manipulated into disclosing confidential information by exploiting their cognitive biases and habits. According to, £4,590 […]

Why Compliance Training is Important

No matter how small or how large your organisation is, compliance training is an important process which can safeguard you and your organisation from legal issues further down the line. Find out now what exactly compliance training is, and why it’s so important for your organisation.   What is Compliance Training? Compliance training can cover […]

An introduction to the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster

We love what we do here at Bob’s Business, and as one of the founders and creators of the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster (YCSC) along with CRK consulting, we are proud to be helping regional organisations to become more cyber secure. The YCSC is an initiative created as part of the UK Cyber Security Forum to help organisations […]

Bob’s Business to hold charity football tournament

bob’s Business has been providing engaging, educational cyber security training for its clients since 2007. We pride ourselves on the work we’ve done to help benefit the information security community