Cyber Security: Law and Guidance

Here at Bob’s Business, we know that many people are still learning about cyber security and want to know more about how they can prevent cyber attacks on themselves, their organisations and their industry.

Cyber security compliance needs to be embraced by all within an organisation and championed by managers and senior staff who lead by example. It also needs to be integrated into organisation policies, training, internal marketing, and HR enforcement.

Another industry that requires an understanding of cyber security and in turn contributes heavily to the enforcement of cyber security compliance with legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) are lawyers and legal industries.

An understanding of the cyber security threats and vulnerabilities currently facing organisations is vital for those who write policies, enforce the regulations and help to create preventative measures. That’s why we were more than happy to be contributing authors to a book called ‘Cyber Security: Law and Guidance’ by Helen Tse MBE that will be published by Bloomsbury at the end of September 2018. The chapters covered in the book discuss the cyber threats and vulnerabilities currently facing organisations.

Bob’s business built up an extensive portfolio of experience educating organisations and individuals on how to protect themselves and prevent cyber attacks from cyber criminals. This training includes everything from educating about legislation changes such as the DPA 2018 update all the way to training about money laundering and creating the perfect password. We also provide a full policy integration service, learner portals and full consultation of organisations needs.

The chapters are lead by Bob’s Business founder Melanie Oldham, award-winning and prestigious cyber security educator, trainer and business owner of over 10 years. The chapters are also co-authored by PhD Cyber Security Researcher Abigail McAlpine from the Secure Societies Institute at the University of Huddersfield and course writer for Bob’s Business.

The subjects covered in the first chapter of the book are around “Cyber Security Threats”, this chapter discusses:

Inside the mind of a cyber criminal – In this section, you can learn about what happens behind the screens, what are the attitudes, behaviours, motivations of cyber criminals. How they often work and operate in a coordinated manner like an organisation.

State and state-sponsored threats, what are they and who is behind them? What the benefits or motivators are for these attacks.

Cyber terrorists – what separates them from state-sponsored threats and information covering some of the most prominent groups.

Hacktivists – What hacktivists are and the variously organised hacktivists who have become well known across the world for their agendas.

The second chapter discusses organisations or individuals “Cyber Security Vulnerabilities” this includes everything from the human element to the more technical issues that currently face those who are interacting with the online environment as part of their job or personal life. Cyber security threats covered in this chapter include:

Poor cyber security hygiene and compliance inside and outside organisations, this can include everything from bad habits to poor knowledge or wrong attitude about cyber security.
Insufficient training and skills, a large percentage of today’s workforce and population do not have sufficient training, knowledge or skills on how to stay cyber secure both personally and within their organisation.

The expanding range of devices that are always being released, some without going through rigorous security checks or unpatchable software.

Legacy systems and unpatchable technology and structures that are necessary for the organisation to run and function in the same way and the problems facing organisations who want to make the change to more secure processes.

Writing these book chapters was a massive honor, and we are always happy to help spread knowledge and guidance about cyber security through our training and packages, consultations and events.

You can pre-order a copy of Cyber Security: Law and Guidance from all good stockists.

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