Founder and CEO pitches her way to Pitch@Palace 9.0 Boot Camp

Melanie Oldham, founder and CEO of Bob’s Business Ltd, has successfully pitched her way to the Pitch@Palace 9.0 Boot Camp, to be held at the University of Manchester in early March.

On the 7th February, the University of Huddersfield hosted one of the Pitch@Palace events, where entrepreneurs from around the UK pitched and showcased their innovative businesses to an expert panel of judges, all with the incentive of earning a place at the Pitch@Palace 9.0 Boot Camp.

The expert judging panel selected three Entrepreneurs to be fast-tracked to Boot Camp; Bob’s Business, Memento and Spatialize.

Pitch@Palace was founded in by The Duke of York in 2014 to promote entrepreneurship in the UK and around the world.

The aim of the Pitch@Palace is to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to pitch their innovative business ideas in front of a selection of an influential audience from the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, media, and investment.

Pitch@Palace guides, helps and connects Entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with potential supporters, including CEO’s, influencers, angels, mentors and business partners.

The theme for Pitch@Palace 9.0 is Data, Intelligence and The Future of Security, focusing on key areas such as CyberSecurity, The Cloud, and the Internet of Things.

Melanie Oldham is an advocate for raising awareness of cybersecurity in organisations and was overwhelmed to have progressed to the next stage of the process, stating “I am delighted to have been selected to go to the Boot Camp 9.0 in March, and to have the opportunity to heighten awareness of Bob’s Business, whilst gaining valuable information and support from industry experts”

“I am extremely proud of what I have achieved, taking into consideration the quality and expertise of the other entrepreneurs that were on show. Although it was a nerve-racking experience, it is one that paid off!”

Having founded Bob’s Business in 2007, Melanie’s cybersecurity awareness training organisation has grown from a one person project, to an established industry leading business within the cybersecurity field, now employing twenty-four members of staff spread across four offices in Barnsley and Huddersfield.

“I founded Bob’s Business to develop engaging cybersecurity training that appeals and changes behavior, I wanted to demystify the subject and make it accessible to all, rather than to be a tick-box exercise to meet compliance requirements. Having organically built a business on a passion, I’d like to take it to the next step and with the support offered by Pitch@palace push Bob’s Business to become an International Multi-million pound business.

Following on from Melanie’s successful Pitch at the University of Huddersfield, she has now been granted with the invitation to attend the Pitch@Palace Bootcamp 9.0, along with forty-one other entrepreneurs who will receive support and mentoring. All participants are asked to Pitch to a panel of Judges, who will select twelve entrepreneurs to pitch for 3 minutes at St. James’s Palace.

Melanie further indicated “I am extremely grateful to both my team and those that voted for me, and I am sincerely looking forward to the Pitch@Palace Boot Camp taking place in March.

“To be involved in such a prestigious event is a real pleasure and one that doesn’t come around too often. Hopefully, I can go all the way to pitch for three minutes at St. James Palace at Pitch@Palace 9.0 in April!”

Melanie will be looking to continue her success and Pitch@Palace journey, with the end goal of reaching the Pitch@Palace 9.0 final at St. James Palace and possibly being named one of the winners of Pitch@Palace 9.0 in the Audience vote or the People’s Choice Award.

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