GDPR Training Now Available

We are extremely pleased to announce that our suite of GDPR Training modules are now available.

On the 25th May 2018, Data Protection is set to experience its biggest transformation to date, guiding the legislation into the modern digital era.

After months of anticipation, determination and hard work, we have developed a suite of GDPR Training modules to help provide organisations with the necessary information and understanding of the new legislation, in time for its implementation.

In keeping with Bob’s signature style, the brand new modules sit directly alongside our other award winning training modules, featuring the same cast of friendly and vibrant characters.

The GDPR can be a difficult topic to grasp and a lot of information to consume, that’s why we have broken the suite down into 9 interactive and engaging modules.

Our GDPR modules include:

    • Why is GDPR So important?
    • Key definitions
    • Key Changes, Concepts and Processing Conditions
    • Key Principles
    • Privacy Impact Assessments and Security Measures
    • Data Subjects – additional rights and consent
    • Fair processing
    • Data Breaches and Noncompliance

With the new legislation only 3 months away, organisations will need to ensure that their staff are armed with the necessary information to process, share or dispose of data securely and in line with the law. Through the use of animation and quizzes, our engaging bite size training modules will help users understand the complexities of GDPR, courtesy of our trusted quality content reviewed by Subject Matter Experts.

The GDPR is set to affect organisations of all different shapes and sizes. By not complying with the new regulation, organisation’s can be fined up to £17 million or 4% of annual turnover.

If you are interested in our brand new suite of GDPR Training modules, please select here to find out more.

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