GDPR Compliant

How to Ensure That Your Company is GDPR Compliant

Although GDPR is by no means new to organisations based in the European Union, or those that have an online presence in the EU, some companies are still working on their compliance. Considering the hefty fines non-compliance carries with it, ensuring that your company is GDPR compliant should be a top priority.

Here are a few of the things that any business can do right now, to ensure that they are GDPR compliant.


As with many compliance issues and workplace procedures, training is often the most effective way to ensure that all of your staff are knowledgeable and compliant with the relevant rules and regulations.

GDPR awareness training, like the excellent online training course provided by us, is the perfect way to train your employees on what procedures they must follow in order to ensure GDPR compliance, along with the basics of what the GDPR actually is.

Access and Audit

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time for you to go through all of your data and audit it for any information that could be classified as personal data. This will allow your company to determine where any potential privacy risks may arise and to determine whether or not you are currently in breach of the GDPR. Auditing your data is an important step in ensuring compliance as all organisations must be able to prove not only that they know how to properly handle personal data, but they also know where this personal data is stored.

Update Your Website

 Cookies and forms are both parts of the online experience – and have been for numerous years now. The only difference is that now you must obtain consent from visitors to your site for cookies, and should also adjust any forms used on your website.

While there is no definite guidance on how to do both of these, a good starting point is to ensure that all of your forms are transparent and have an opt-in feature rather than opt-out, and that only necessary cookies are used unless visitors to your site consent otherwise.

Be Active, not Reactive

GDPR breaches come with a hefty fine as headlines over the past year have proven, so it’s far better to err on the side of caution than to leave your company open to a fine. Making sure that your business is compliant is an ongoing process, and one that it is worth being proactive about, rather than simply reacting to any new changes in the regulation.

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