Job Fraud

Job fraud is becoming an increasingly common scam, particularly among websites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Gumtree! Fake jobs have even been found on legitimate job sites!

Worryingly, over 2500 job scams were reported to Action Fraud in 2014…

But fear not! Bob’s Business are here to help raise awareness and keep you safe from these cyber criminals, in conjunction with Get Safe Online.

Here are some telltale signs that a job may not be all its cracked up to be:

1) Never part with money – employers should pay you, not the other way round. If asked to pay for security checks or training etc, ensure that you have thoroughly researched the company and have a legitimate job offer at the end of it.

2) Don’t take anything at face value – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Be skeptical and ask questions. Be wary of generic email addresses and poorly written job descriptions, which indicates an illegitimate job.

3) Never do everything online – most companies will always want to meet for a face-to-face interview at some point, and be wary of those who don’t.

4) Never fail to do research – carry out research on the employer to make sure that they exist!

5) Never phone a premium rate number for an interview – premium rate phone scams are becoming increasingly popular. If the company is interested in employing you, they will call you!

6) Never accept money up front or for doing nothing – It just doesn’t happen, and it is easy to be fooled into being used as a money mule.

7) Never provide personal details – Until you have the job, keep bank details safe and only provide identity details once you have met face to face.

For further information, visit Don’t be a victim!

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