Join our Webinar – ‘The Weakest Link’

Would you be able to spot the weakest link within your organisation?

This presentation will focus on bringing our weakest links from an information security point of view, our employees, and making them our ‘front line defenders’ against the current dangers we face within the battle of protecting company data and brand equity.

We will explain why and how employees need to be a part of the defensive and how we can bridge the gaps in their knowledge, making them IT Secure Aware employees.

We will also tackle exactly what we can do to change people’s perception of information security as well as the behaviours surrounding it.

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Melanie Oldham – Bob’s Business, ‘Webinar Overview’
Ian Pratt – Armadillo Managed Services, ‘Thoughts and Insights’
•  Embedding security into the organisational culture
•  Internal and external features which can compromise security

Melanie Oldham – Bob’s Business, ‘The Human Factor’ (incl. information from Phish5)
•  The need for information security awareness training
•  Humans being the weakest link in the chain
•  How to patch your human firewall effectively
•  Best approach to awareness training


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