Meet the Team: Heather

Bob might be the star of the show, but there are a team of committed professionals behind him that are making sure that everyone is getting the cyber security training they need.

Meet Heather, Bob’s Business’ Operations Manager, who is committed to making sure that everything in the office is running as smoothly as possible.


Heather Lord

Job Title

Operations Manager


L4 ILM in Leadership and Management, ISO 27001 and 9001 Internal Auditor,

How long have you been with Bob’s Business?

5 months

What does your job involve?

I help to grow the business by increasing sales. Day to day I manage the Sales, Marketing & Customer Service teams and oversee creatives when Melanie is not around. I work on Quality Assurance management of modules and policies as well as seeing to accreditations and tender documents.

What’s the best thing about working at Bob’s Business?

Learn something new everyday and working with a great bunch of people.

How did you end up working in your job position?

My contract was coming to end in my last job and I had supported Mel for a couple of years so she asked me come and work for her.

What are your best skills?

Organisation, note taking, supportive

What is your biggest achievement?

Being married for 23 years…

What have you learned since you started work at Bob’s Business?

Where do I start, I have had the biggest learning curve ever when starting a new job.

How can you offer help to clients?

I can supporting them with module amends or getting issues/problems resolved as quickly as possible

What is your party trick?

Cooking themed dinner parties from scratch for friends.

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