My Work Experience at Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business is incredibly lucky to have four different students working at Bob’s Business over the month of August where they get a chance to gain work experience in the Cyber Security Field. Jacob Peace, who was interested in programming, was the second student to visit us and this is his experience

For my work experience at Bob’s Business, I have learned new skills and qualities to further widen my knowledge of the world of work.

From being in a professional work environment, I have learned how employees at Bob’s Business go about their day-to-day work, and how they all contribute to the success of this business.

The work experience has also helped me to gain skills in the area of work I would like to go into in the future, which is IT. Some of the tasks I have been doing include error checking and researching, and I think learning relevant skills will help me to get a job in the future. I have also had to work independently, using my initiative and completing tasks quickly.

Aside from working independently, I have had to work as part of a team to complete tasks, and this has proved successful. By working in a team, I have learned communication skills to help me in the future, and also how to work well in a group.

On the whole, I am happy with the work experience program, and I think being at Bob’s Business had widened my knowledge of the IT industry and the world of work as a whole, and I now have something to put on my CV, and knowledge that will help me to get a job in future.

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