Our Approach

Our Approach

How we will work to support your organisation deliver an effective and sustainable awareness campaign

Our Approach

Keeping your organisation’s sensitive data secure is paramount. Failing to do so could mean more than just a few angry clients – it could severely impact your company’s finances and reputation.

In 2014..

  • 58% of large organisations suffered staff-related security breaches
  • 22% of small businesses suffered staff-related security breaches
  • 31% of the worst security breaches in the year were caused by human error
  • (www.gov.uk)

    Staff play a key role in security breaches. Installing protection software is not enough to stop smart, determined cyber criminals. The only way to truly defend your organisation (and its critical data) is to build up your ‘Human Firewall’, by educating your staff on how to identify and respond to the most dangerous cyber threats.

    Arm Your Staff With The Tools They Need to Protect Your Organisation

    Bob’s Business provides interactive, web-based Cyber Security Awareness Training that teaches your employees how to safeguard your organisation and protect your critical information. We treat each learning program like a marketing campaign, with internal communications to generate awareness, marketing materials to entice the workforce and reinforce your key learning messages.

    Our approach to training is fun and effective, and it even counts towards your IS027001 certification. Unlike many training providers, we aim to change your workforce behaviour through reinforced messages in a non-threatening way, resulting in a secure culture both in the workplace and at home.

  • Protect your organisation against cyber threats that could compromise your critical data
  • Educate your staff on how to become Information Security advocates for your company
  • Comply with standards set out in ISO 27001 / PSN and work towards your certification
  • Our unique, story-based approach to learning achieves an outstanding 90% employee engagement rate. We deliver our eLearning modules via a series of entertaining animations, and we provide supplementary worksheets for those who prefer a different learning style.

    With more than 24 modules that can help you achieve and retain your ISO27001 certification, all the boxes are ticked. We can even work with you to build custom programmes that tackle specific areas of Information Security.

    As well as the online eLearning modules and supplementary worksheets, we provide you with an Engagement Toolkit that includes:

  • Information Security Awareness Posters
  • Desktop Calendars
  • Monthly E-Newsletters
  • Screen Savers
  • Support Materials and Prizes for Competition Winners
  • Ongoing Guidance and Support from the Marketing Team
  • We have an in-house marketing team who are committed to making your campaign effective and engaging. Is your current learning program suffering from low completion rates? Got an engagement idea but not sure how to get it into action? The Bob’s Business marketing team are dedicated to meeting all our clients internal marketing needs.

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