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  • No fixed contract
  • Pay monthly
  • £4 per user
  • Access to all courses (see course page)

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How does the Full Access Package work?

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Enrol your users

Select the number of users you would like to enrol on our online training courses. Once you have signed up, add all user emails which will then allow each person to sign up and create their own profile.

How to buy our courses

Place your users into groups

Once all of your users have confirmed their email addresses and created a profile, you can segment them into user groups based on which modules you would like them to complete.

Training courses for employees

Drip feed their content

After you have created your user groups, you can then drip feed content however you choose, to ensure that they are completing the modules how you see fit.

Buying training online

View your reports

Once your users have started their training, you can see detailed reports of their progress, including any users who may need extra support or additional training.

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