Password security is often a point of fierce debate; do our inherent morals make us unsafe online?

From a young age we’re taught to always tell the truth and that we must always share. Bob’s Business feels that where passwords are concerned, morals like these are well and truly out of the window. A commonly asked question online is “How do I create a password that’s secure?” Whilst we can’t tell you which method of creating a secure password would best suit you, we can tell you that one is vital when protecting your professional and personal information.

Never use a password that is romantic or personal to you; the chances are you will mention elements of your personal life on social networking sites and make hacking your accounts a breeze to those with fewer inherent morals.

When answering your security question, Bob would even suggest ignoring your morals altogether and telling a few white lies. Your birthplace or the name of your pet is something likely to be readily offered as information to anyone – hackers included – on social networking sites, so be sneaky and invent the answers.

A question we are frequently asked is “How do I remember a password that’s a string of random characters?” It may sound a little childish but try using a tune to tie in with your password; repeat it to yourself until it’s mentally imprinted or make up your own memory game. Resolutely fight the urge to write your password down. (There’s an added benefit from giving your brain a workout – it helps fight the ageing process!)

Finally, the term “share and share alike” does not apply to password security. You may trust your colleagues or those around you implicitly but sharing passwords is a sure-fire way to fall victim of a cyber attack. It’s also imperative that everyone should be aware of the risks that result from logging on to unsecured computers in multiple locations.

These issues can be tackled with effective awareness training. Having training in place that amounts to no more than ticking a compliance box won’t change people’s behaviour. This is why Bob’s modules, support materials and interactive games are so powerful – they completely engage staff and make them address their current practices.

The well-used adage in industry that “it’s not personal, just business” certainly applies to your passwords. Make them as random and far-removed as possible and keep your data safe

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