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Think Before You Click

OSPA 2017 Award Winning Outstanding Security Training Initiative

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‘Think Before You Click®’ is a phishing awareness campaign that is delivered in an innovative way that engages the user. The highly effective campaign involves sending a number of mock phishing attacks to your organisation, and redirecting those who click to a comprehensive training module. This programme will highlight specific areas within your organisation which would benefit from further training, allowing you to patch any holes within your human firewall.

‘Think Before You Click®’ was the winner in the ‘Outstanding Security Training Initiative’ category at the Outstanding Security Performance Awards for work in partnership with HM Revenue & Customs.

What the Campaign Includes:

  • Initial assessment to ascertain level of risk
  • Campaign communications to educate and engage employees
  • Spear phishing exercise of varying complexities
  • Elearning module targeted at susceptible employees
  • Comprehensive closure report and risk analysis

Campaign Benefits:

  • Measure the level of risk within your organisation
  • Identify weak spots within your workforce
  • Strengthen a business case for ISA
  • Raise phishing awareness
  • Reduce complacency and risk
  • Track improvements and quantify campaign effectiveness

Think Before You Click Plus (TBYC+)

This campaign is an extension to the Think Before You Click® campaign designed for clients who have seen the positive impact from the original campaign, but see the need to build on previous success, to further reduce vulnerability and threats. In a similar vein to the initial Think Before You Click® campaign, TBYC+ is an engaging training exercise that couples the risk of phishing with key lessons around cyber security and the importance of protecting organisations data and spotting vulnerabilities.

Bob’s Business will develop a range of phishing simulation templates that can link seamlessly to additional training around password management, identity theft, social media, web protection, viruses and malware.

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Worried about having your details stolen? Malware installing itself on your computer? Wise up, and stay clear of being a victim of a phishing scam with Bob’s ‘Think Before You Click’ module. Learn about identifiable traits of a phishing scam and how to deal with them.

This module covers…

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  • How to identify one
  • What you should do if you come across one

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