Shop Securely This Christmas

Ensure the only pounds you’ve lost in January are those from that double helping of Christmas pud!

The general consensus at Christmas is that we all gain a little and at Bob’s Business we want to make sure that you don’t lose any pounds during the festivities.

Of course, we’d all love to lose weight whilst having our Christmas dinner, but what we’re actually talking about is your cash! It’s easy to get caught up in the merriment and forget that fraudsters are still at work and that they have no qualms about ruining your holiday season.

So to save you any unnecessary stress this Christmas Bob has come up with five tips to remember:


  • Never select the ‘save my details’ option when making a card payment online. You will make emptying your bank account fair game to these fraudsters!
  • Purchase only if the site is encrypted, if the sites URL starts with ‘https’ it is encrypted and you can shop without fear because the encryption is to protect your online payment.
  • Guard your pin vigilantly when paying by card in store. You wouldn’t believe how many people practise the art of shoulder surfing. Don’t become a victim!
  • When your parcels arrive, shred any documentation which comes with them. Stealing your personal information will be a doddle if it’s just sitting outside in the bin!
  • Do not let visitors without the relevant entry permissions in to your place of work! It is the season of good will and we’re happy you’re feeling jolly, but always be aware of social engineering.


Finally… On Behalf of the team at Bob’s Business… Have a very Merry, Secure Christmas.

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