Stay Safe and Secure this Christmas

The festive season is a popular time for fraudsters! The increase in online shopping means many of us are left vulnerable to hackers and attackers because we are so preoccupied! Last year, a fifth of us did all our Christmas shopping online, with over half of us doing over half our shopping online! This increase has helped online frauds to plummet too…

But don’t panic! Bob can help you through the season with his handy tips. Be sure to follow Bob’s 5 golden rules to protect yourself, your family and your bank account!

1) When doing your online Christmas shopping or browsing the boxing day bargains, be extra vigilant when entering your card details.
Ensure that the website is genuine, safe and secure! You will be shocked how many websites impersonate genuine sites in attempt to capture your details or install malicious software onto your device!

2) Never ‘save your card details’ when making an online payment. This makes work for fraudsters and hackers too easy!

3) Use a secure payment website where possible such as PayPal, or a credit card to pay for online goods. In the event of something happening, you are at a much higher percentage of getting a refund. Regularly check your statements for any irregular or unauthorised activity. If you find anything suspicious, contact the fraud department of your bank immediately to report and block your account

4) When your parcels arrive, remember to destroy any personal documentation. Identity fraud would be a doddle if your information was just sitting outside in the bin! (Also be aware that expensive looking boxes dumped outside will also give burglars an insight into what you have in your home, and increase the risk of a burglary!

5) When you have unwrapped all your new gadgets from Santa, be sure to password protect all your devices and install appropriate antivirus software. If Children have access to the internet, install parental control to restrict internet access and increase their online safety!

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We hope you have a Merry Christmas, and we send our best wishes for the New Year!

See you in 2015,

All the team at Bob’s Business

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