Staying Secure on Valentines Day

Buying your loved one some antivirus software for Valentine’s day may not be the most romantic of ideas, but trust us it would be a very sensible gift idea.

Don’t go thinking that scammers won’t stoop to the low of playing on your raw emotion; the valentines hysteria can distort your better judgement and leave you in a costly mess should the scammers find their way in to your cyber heart!

Sinister Ecards:
You wouldn’t believe how easily eCards can introduce worms in to your system; once you download the eCard from your mysterious secret admirer you will open the back door to a host of devilish malware which will compromise your system.

Valentine Day Themed Spam:
Cyber Criminals are not opposed to luring your financial information through different valentine themed spam mails. The offers of great deals on Valentine’s day gifts like flowers and chocolates may seem tempting, but one small error in judgement could see you offering your credit and debit card details up to thieves. Always sense check emails before opening links, do you know who the email is from? Does the branding look legitimate? Are they asking you for personal details?

Online Dating Scams:
Valentines day is a real pain if you’re single, but don’t be fooled why Cyber Criminals misuse your emotions for their own gain. These tricksters will aim to befriend and slowly win the heart of their victim and then slowly entice them to disclose financial information. The personal data collected during online interactions is often used to impersonate the victim and commit crimes.

Ensure that you are always keeping your personal information safe, and as for your passwords… No matter if you’re in the mood for romance ‘iloveyou’ and ‘loveyousue’ are not secure.

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