Tailored Solutions

Creating an eLearnng package that's right for you


Why do you need tailored training?

You might be looking for something that’s more of a unique fit for your needs. By working with our in-house team, we work with you to create completely unique training courses that reflect the look, feel and tone of your organisation but with the same award-winning content in Bob’s off-the-shelf packages.
  • Unique eLearning courses that reflect your organisation’s look, feel, and tone
  • Get the same course content as what’s in Bob’s Business’ award-winning off-the-shelf packages
  • Our in-house team will work closely with you to create a suite of unique training modules that fit your needs

Who is the training for?

Our tailored eLearning courses are suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Bob educates employees at organisations in both the private and public sector, from 5 users to upwards of 70,000 users, including:
  • Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Large private sector organisations.
  • Local and central governments.
  • Public sector organisations

Key Benefits

Our tailored training courses offer you the ability to present your staff with content that reflects your organisation’s culture and is suited to their levels of technical expertise.

By creating a flexible bespoke course instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf solution, you have greater control of the course contents and have the option to own the intellectual property.

  • The training modules will be completely tailored to your organisation’s culture, ensuring that terminology and technical reference are at a suitable level for your employees
  • Advanced branding ensures that learners recognise the course as a company initiative which assists in the roll out process
  • If there is the need within your organisation, the option to own the intellectual property of the training module is available
  • Creating a bespoke course as opposed to purchasing off-the-shelf allows for greater flexibility and control over learning content

How our bespoke training works


Specify your requirements

Our development team adopt an agile approach to project methodology, ensuring that a comprehensive project plan is outlined.

We create your courses

The course content is written by industry leading subject matter experts and reviewed on an annual basis, or when changes are made to industry standards.

Revive outdated courses

Your organisation may already possess training content, therefore we offer the opportunity to revive out-of-date or untouched content that will meet branding and industry specific guidelines.

Implement your training

All of our cyber security training courses are available in both SCORM and TIN Can formats which can be uploaded to Bob’s Business’ Cyber Security Hub or your organisation’s own learning management system.

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