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The Grand National – How One Mistake Can Cost Everything


One of the most anticipated events in the sporting calendar is nearly here!

Just over a month before the GDPR deadline, the Grand National serves as a reminder of how one mistake can cost everything in the run up to the finish line.

Organisations can put in every measure and piece of software essential to making sure that the best results are achieved day in and day out, but if the essential training is missing from the plan, then the whole process can fall to pieces.

As well as the Grand National, the GDPR deadline is a key date in the Bob’s Business diary. Rushing through the ‘essential ticklist to mastering’ may work for some, but this could leave your business falling over one of the many fences of GDPR.

The GDPR deadline is the 25th of May 2018. Now is the perfect time to evaluate whether your organisation has suitably trained all staff on how to virtually and physically protect data.

The EU legislation was designed to protect personal data privacy and security, ultimately if an organisation suffers a data breach because of failing to meet expectations and guidelines, the CEO’s and board will be held accountable. This emphasises the importance of every employee’s responsibility for the safekeeping of data, to know what is expected of them to help meet the mark.

It is important for organisations to see the bigger picture when it comes to GDPR training, organisations need to demonstrate and reflect how they have changed their data protection and cyber security procedures to meet the EU GDPR legislation if they record data of consumers in the EU.

In the run up to the deadline, many organisations have developed the misconception that if one member of staff is trained on GDPR then the whole company is covered, or they believe that GDPR isn’t relevant to them because they don’t have a virtual database of consumers.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth! The GDPR legislation is relevant to any organisation that stores personal data. Even if employees only send emails to consumers, take payment details over the phone or simply just use a computer, it is necessary for everyone in an organisation to understand and receive training on how they are responsible for keeping personal data safe.

Don’t pay for every product and skip the training, it could be what costs your organisation everything.

Let us help you and your organisation close the gap between becoming GDPR compliant, and make sure you’re not the person falling at one of the tricky GDPR fences.

Try our free GDPR training module to get a taste of the action and get the ball moving in becoming compliant before its implementation on the 25th May.

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