Think Before You Click won an OSPAs Award!

In partnership with HMRC, Bob’s Business has won an Outstanding Security Performance Award for ‘Outstanding Security Training Initiative’.

Announced on Thursday evening at Marriott Grosvenor Square in London, Bob’s Business and HMRC fought off competition from the likes of William Hill and Kier Group in the field to win the award.

Think Before You Click trains end-users to spot malicious emails within their inbox. This is done through a series of phishing templates that were designed to simulate phishing emails that employees may spot in their emails, an educational module and a second assessment aimed to see if the training has changed the behaviour of the user.

Managing Director, Melanie Oldham said, “I’m so proud that our simulated phishing campaign has been recognised with such a prestigious security award.

“The aim of Think Before You Click was to make it an educational training initiative, not a box ticking exercise as the biggest issue in cyber security is the human factor.

“Standard phishing simulations just look for stats and don’t look to solve the problem, Think Before You Click is all about creating long lasting behavioural change.”

The Oustanding Security Training Initiative award recognises individuals or companies that operate a successful training scheme, which promotes outstanding performance and has produced identifiable results.

Think Before You Click, through its educational spin on phishing simulations, has a proven track record for dramatically dropping click rates and this was acknowledged by the OSPAs on Thursday night.

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