Walking Into The Unknown: Work Experience at Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business is incredibly lucky to have four different students working at Bob’s Business over the month of August where they get a chance to gain work experience in the CyberSecurity Field. Jack Riley, who was interested in the design and creative aspects, walks us through his experience.

I would like to start of by saying a big thank you to all the staff at Bob’s Business for being so inviting and making me feel as if i am one of the team.

Working in an office for my work experience was not my first choice; as I am interested in the performing arts. However, Bob’s Business offers a wide range of job titles all in one space from marketing officer to multimedia designer. I think that this is absolutely amazing for someone with no prior knowledge of working in an office environment, also for people that are unsure about where they are heading in the future.

Prior to starting at Bob’s Business I pictured working in an office to be busy and stressful. Some of the challenges I have had thrown at me have been extremely challenging, but because everyone pulls together to work as a team there isn’t the pressure on your shoulders.

It will be a bit upsetting to leave Bob’s Business as I have enjoyed working here, but when I leave I will be leaving with the skills that I have gained from the office. For instance, resilience and focus when working, which these were areas I struggled with the most before starting here. Working in an office would not be my first choice, but is definitely a second option.

I made lots of great memories over the past 5 days ones that i will remember for years to come, so once again thanks Bob’s Business!

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