We have a new module and online store!

We have launched our new ‘Cyber Essentials’ module and eStore.

Our new course simplifies for the accreditation process by breaking down the five main technical controls that make up the Cyber Essentials framework to prepare businesses for the examination.

Cyber Essentials was developed in collaboration with IASME and The Friendly Nerd with the main aim of ensuring that businesses in the process of applying for the accreditation are fully compliant with the framework the scheme expects from all organisations.

Cyber Essentials can be bought on our new eStore which will give you the chance to buy our cyber security modules individually for the first time, reducing the cost for SMEs who may not want all their staff to take every module.

In need of some help on passwords? Stuck with information classification? Or maybe you are looking to take the ISO 27001 certification? Our new eStore ensures that you can have the modules you want when you want.

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