We’re supporting Cyber Security Challenge’s Boot Camp

Bob’s Business will be supporting the Cyber Security Challenge Boot Camp in Bristol. We will be hosting the pub quiz to the students who attend the event. Throughout the two-day event, students will be attending talks, panel sessions as well as various challenges.

The purpose of this event is so that students, who are interested in the cyber world, gain an insight into the industry and discover how they can take the first steps into starting their cyber security career.

Our Managing Director and Owner of Bob’s Business; Melanie OIdham, will be sharing her experience and thoughts on Cyber security. The knowledge that the students should inherit will be very beneficial as well as informative if they are looking to make their mark in the cyber security environment.

Melanie Oldham said: “We are committed to invest in young talents and identify those who have the skill, to have their say in the cyber security community.

“The focus is towards the young generation and keeping them aware and educated on the risks that the internet can have on them”.

Bob’s Business will be hosting a cyber security quiz on the Thursday night which will test the brains of the University students.

It is predicted, by 2020, 4 billion people will have access to the internet and will be online which creates more vulnerable areas for businesses to cover. It also means keeping the training consistent and implemented from small businesses to large global organisations.

So while they are young and still learning, we want to inform them of the issues regarding cyber crime and provide methods as well as solutions on how to avoid potential threats.

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