Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business

Cost effective eLearning solutions tailored to meet your Information Security needs

Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business

Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information

Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business

Tackle the awareness side of your ISO27001 compliance, in a light-hearted and engaging way

Bob’s Business

Bob’s Business

Keep your business secure, with our online information security awareness training

What our customers say...

  • Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council

    "Bob's Business has enabled us to provide better protection for our assets by helping our employees recognise and respond appropriately to real security concerns, and providing fresh, updated information to keep our staff current on new risks and what to do about them."

    Ryan James, Corporate Information Security Officer, Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council

  • City of Cardiff Council

    "Bob's Business has been extremely helpful in assisting the Council with continual ideas in raising staff awareness, including adapting and producing modules to meet our particular needs."

    Dave Parsons, Information Officer, City of Cardiff Council

  • ORX UK Ltd

    "Bob’s Business has allowed us to launch our internal security awareness training very quickly and with minimum fuss. The monthly training modules are short, fun and easily digested. The team at Bob’s Business are friendly and helpful and have responded promptly to any queries we’ve raised."

    Linda Dominique, Member Relationship Manager & ISO, ORX UK Ltd


Bob’s Business Strives for the best Customer Support

Mon 5th Sep 2016

Bob is very proud to share client support successes and here is one from Martyn Rees at Loyalty logistics....

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