Our Philosophy

Cyber security courses

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s part of being human. 

However, when those mistakes cause a major cyber security breach, they can result in huge financial and reputational damage to your organisation.  

The human factor has always been the biggest vulnerability in an organisation’s defence against ever-evolving cyber threats. Up-to-date technology can keep most risks at bay, but this alone will not protect your organisation or replace the importance of employee awareness. 

With four of the top five causes of data breaches coming as a direct result of human error, it’s clear that better staff education and increased awareness makes all the difference in keeping your organisation protected. However, this approach can only work by taking training from tick-box exercises to something relatable, engaging and effective.

That’s where we come in. Bob’s Business is here to bring cultural change to your organisation so that your workforce is always vigilant to cyber security threats and can protect critical information.

We make eLearning accessible, interactive and actionable by using jargon-free language, bite-sized cyber security courses and animations to bring scenarios and solutions to life. 

We are the human face of cyber security.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to training

We make learning memorable to raise cyber security awareness and create a positive cultural change.

Our engaging courses use animation and entertaining content to make cyber security training relevant, relatable and actionable. 

Approach to cyber security training
Courses completed in just ten minutes

Each course is clear, concise and designed to be completed in bite-sized sessions to fit around busy schedules, with a dedicated account manager to ensure successful implementation and return on investment. 

Our in-house design and content teams can tailor our course content to fit with your organisation’s policies and procedures for a unique learning experience that’s truly relevant to your industry.

Our policy integration approach
90 percent engagement rates

To achieve engagement rates of over 90%, we place storytelling at the heart of our training, with engaging, informative and clear courses that help staff understand how to reduce risk.

Our jargon-free approach to cyber security awareness training breaks down communication barriers and helps create a secure workplace culture.

safer workplace culture

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Our Accreditations

Businesses We've Helped
Altodigital Networks Ltd

Bob's Business' cyber security courses were selected by Altodigital to address employee awareness, skills and knowledge as part of their ISO 27001 certification. Learn more about how we helped deliver measurable results here.

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I have worked with other online training and phishing simulation providers in the past and I think what sets Bob’s Business apart is their superior level of customer service, the flexibility and responsiveness of the whole team, the thought that goes into the content and the ability to customise it to suit our organisation and its specific requirements. This all makes excellent value for money.

Richard Cornell, Information Security Manager, Altodigital Networks Ltd

Liberata chose Bob's Business for content, learning approach, accessibility for all levels of IT users. We've been vital in enabling Liberata to fulfil the training and awareness requirements of ISO 27001 to achieve and retain certification. Learn more here.

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Bob’s Business has also been critical in enabling Liberata to fulfill the training and awareness requirements of ISO27001 to achieve, and retain certification.

Sharon Buck,Business Continuity Manager
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council chose Bob's Business because of our unique approach to raising information security awareness with a workforce. Over ten years later, our working relationship is closer than ever. Learn more here.

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MTCBC has been so impressed with the success of implementing Bob’s Business eLearning, the professionalism of Melanie and the team and the reasonable cost of the product, that we have requested additional modules be developed in the areas of Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Business Continuity and Information Classification. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the company.

Ryan James,Corporate Information Security Officer
NTT Communications

NTT Europe enlisted Bob's Business help to raise levels of cyber security awareness in 2011. More than 8 years later, we're still working together to help limit their risk of cyber attacks. Learn more about our work together here.

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I am happy to recommend their use in other companies, not only because of the tools but also because of the prompt customer support on the few occasions when it was required.

Neil Wheelwright,European Information Security Manager, NTT Europe
The City of Cardiff Council

In 2012, The City of Cardiff Council selected Bob’s Business as their provider of Information Security Awareness training following an audit from the Information Commissioner’s Office. Learn more about our work with Cardiff Council here.

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Bob’s Business are currently developing a suite of bespoke, in-depth series of modules focusing on specific Data Protection topics within The City of Cardiff Council.

The City of Cardiff Council
The Law Society

Discover how The Law Society utilised Bob's Business' cyber security eLearning platform to gain and maintain vital ISO 27001 certification here.

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Bob’s Business continue to work with The Law Society to provide tailored, branded training modules to assist with the retention of the ISO 27001 standard.

The Law Society
East Herts Council

Bob's Business' cyber security courses were deployed across East Herts Council to raise employee awareness on the subjects of data protection and information security. Learn about our innovative courses helped redefine East Herts Council workforce relationship with cyber security here.

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Bob’s Business courses have given us a strengthened sense of confidence in our handling of our customer’s data.

East Herts Council
vXtream Managed Services

Leading enterprise cloud provider vXtream needed Bob's Business for accessible, on-going and relevant cyber security training for all staff. Learn all about how Bob’s Business helped build their human firewall here.

See Case Study

I would definitely recommend Bob’s Business, and would say that if information and cyber security are key to your business, then Bob’s Business is a great tool to provide on-going learning and awareness, and compliance.

Jamie Donelly,vXtream
HM Government

HM Government approached Bob’s Business to develop an innovative simulated phishing program. The result was Think Before You Click, our award-winning anti-phishing program, which has now seen almost 650,000 simulated phishing emails sent. Learn all about it here.

See Case Study

Due to the positive nature of the Think Before You Click campaign, Bob’s Business has allowed HM Government to gain strong staff and stakeholder engagement, including with Trade Unions who have recommended the initiative to their members.

HM Government