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Helping you to achieve compliance with industry standards

Why do you need Compliance Training?

Ensuring compliance with industry guidelines is the foundation to protecting you and safeguarding your organisation against external threats. Industry guidelines are created to protect your business, your employees and your customers from data threats, cyber issues and other potential problems. Compliance training ensures everyone in your business has the knowledge they need to work effectively, efficiently and safely within the law and industry guidelines.

  • To comply with industry standards and regulations
  • Safeguard your organisation against external threats
  • Ensure that your staff are familiar with essential procedures like health and safety

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Who is compliance training for?

Who is Compliance Training For?

Bob’s compliance training is built for any organisation to implement as part of their compliance plan. In this package, Bob will walk you through essential practices such as ISO 27001, data protection, fire safety and many more. We work with organisations including:
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Large private sector organisations
  • Local and central governments
  • Public sector organisations

Key Benefits

This package simplifies the more complex industry guidelines and procedures for your employees to digest. Short bitesized eLearning courses allow for your staff to learn at a steady pace.
  • Efficient learning with our bitesized eLearning courses reduces staff downtime
  • Simplify complex topics for staff to easily digest
  • Greatly reduce the risk of external threats
  • Monitoring and reporting features facilitate easy campaign management
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 27001, GDPR and health and safety standards

Internal Compliance Training

Email Etiquette

This Cyber Security Awareness Training course is applicable to your organisation if you use email as a form of communication. The legal standing of an email is the same as a letter on company stationery so being careful with what is sent and how it is sent is important, both to protect your reputation and avoid legal issues.

Keeping It Clear

This training course is applicable to your organisation if you want to encourage staff to become more security aware in relation to your organisational information and ultimately prevent information loss, damage or leakage.

Mobile Working

This course is useful for employees who work in multiple locations and use mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones and USB sticks. If your organisation is committed to remote working for business purposes, you must ensure that suitable controls are in place to prevent loss of or interference with critical business information.

Perfect Passwords

This course will teach your staff how to construct secure passwords, give advice on when to change passwords and emphasise the importance of keeping passwords private.

Protected Premises

This course is applicable to your organisation if you believe protecting business critical information is a shared responsibility. The protection of your business premises is crucial as all the confidential information that is owned by your organisation is either stored or can be accessed from your premises.

Web Woes

This course is applicable to your organisation if you allow your employees to access information over the internet. The internet is an extremely valuable resource and access to online information is critical for most businesses. Therefore it is important that all your employees are aware of online threats and the danger these pose for your organisation.

Secure Printing

Printing and faxing is often overlooked as a security risk as it isn’t immediately obvious as to the possible dangers, however they can result in confidential or classified information being seen or taken by the wrong people and that could be devastating to your organisation’s standing.

Social Media

Social media is integral to how modern businesses are run. It can be an invaluable tool if used in the right way. However, as helpful as it can be, it can also be rather damaging if not used right. In Bob’s Social Media course, you can make sure there are no slip-ups online with your Social Media Use!

External Compliance Training

Advance Fee Frauds

This is a threat that thrives on individuals’ emotions and greed and is therefore a potential risk to all employees within any organisation. An advance-fee fraud scam tricks victims into paying money up front on the false hope of receiving a large windfall later.


Does everybody really know a bribe when they see one? Would you think giving money to speed up a business process is a bribe? Bribery is a difficult problem to contain because it is sometimes hard to see the true nature.

Phishing Fears

This course is applicable to all users of electronic mail. Phishing is the practice of sending out false emails, generally posing as a bank or similar organisation, to a wide audience with the hope that some of them will reply and divulge their account details.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is an increasingly common crime affecting both individuals and companies. Criminals are working harder to get information they can use to steal identities for the purposes of theft or making false loan and credit applications.

Virus Vigilance

This course will benefit any member of staff who comes into contact with the internet or an email system. A virus is a program which enters your network or computer without your consent with the intention of damaging the network or taking confidential information.

Best Practice Compliance Training

Carefully Classified

This module is applicable to your organisation if you believe information is a key asset and protecting it is a shared responsibility. Information Classification defines a set of protection levels and special handling measures for valuable, sensitive or critical information.

Business Continuity

This module is ideal to your organisation if you need your employees to have an understanding of Business Continuity Planning and the role they play in creating and executing a plan for continuing operations under adverse condition including natural or man-made incidents.

Backing Up Data

This module is applicable to any and all organisations that use electronic systems. The process of backing up data has been long seen as a vital security measure as backups can be used to repair any information loss ranging from viruses to accidental fire.

Risk Management

If you want to be rich, powerful or successful, you’re going to have to take a few risks. But that doesn’t mean you should mortgage your house, withdraw your bank balance and head to the nearest casino… you see, success is defined by how we manage risks.

Other Compliance Training Courses


A cornerstone of Information Security is establishing a clear system for the handling of any personal information. It is important to establish who has responsibility for the control of the images, for example, deciding what is to be recorded, how the images should be used and to whom they may be disclosed.

Data Protection

If your organisation handles personal information, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998. Data Protection Act training is an important part of any organisation’s strategy as it affects customers, employees, stakeholders and partners who all need to know that their information is safe with your organisation.

Freedom of Information

This Cyber Security Awareness Training module is applicable to those operating within the public sector. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 covers the entirety of the public sector and gives individuals the right to request information held by public authorities.

ISO 14001

If you want to lower your carbon emissions, you’re going to need to change a few things. Many organisations don’t implement strategy for actually doing so. Enter ISO 14001; a standard for implementing measures to manage an organisation’s resources effectively to help the environment.


The PCI DSS module is applicable to your organisation if you accept credit/debit card payments or process cardholder information. It is a legal requirement that your organisation implements a formal security awareness program ensuring all your employees who handle card details are aware of the importance of data security.

ISO 27001

Information Security is just as important to your organisation as it is to you, and that’s why thousands of companies across the country are implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO 27001 is a recognised standard for implementing an ISMS, and it’s very important to your staff to follow it.

Health and Safety

A good workplace isn’t complete without health & safety. Every day countless people are injured at work and have to take time out to recover. Many people are unaware of the precautions and procedures that need to be taken in order to protect themselves and their colleagues from harm.


How Compliance Training Works


Select your courses

Our team will work closely with you to choose the courses that best suit your needs, or you can choose the full package.


Choose your learning path

The package’s flexibility allows you to build custom learning paths. This can be set so that your staff complete a new course on a monthly basis or work to specific learning paths tailored for each department.

You're ready to go!

Once you’ve selected the courses and set out your learning paths, you’re ready to roll out your training! This can be accessed through the Bob’s Business eLearning Portal or hosted on your own learning management system.


See your results

You can check your staff’s progress with the training through the package’s comprehensive reporting suite and track your employees test scores and completion times.

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