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Bob’s Business Partner Programme

Why Partner With Us?

Virtually every organisation is now dependent on technology with email traffic flowing through to each employee, and the majority have additional access to the internet, exposed to many of the dangers that this can present. Insecure shared passwords, poor information security practices and a lack of understanding of what to look out for, create a minefield for users who are just trying to get on with their job.

These organisations would benefit from cyber security training, however their existing and trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) often lacks many of the skills and tools required to successfully provide this training.

Bob’s Business believes in developing close partnerships with companies that want to add value by reselling, recommending or integrating our Cyber Security Training Platform, as part of their own Managed Security Solutions portfolio.

Target Audience

MSP’s Solution Providers and Resellers – MSP Partners can take advantage of their “Trusted advisor” status to resell any of our training modules to their customers. In addition, the service can be white labelled if required to provide reinforcement of their own brand.

Telecoms Dealers – We understand that the lines between Telephony and IT are now so blurred that Telecoms dealers are very often asked to deal with many IT Issues. We’ve designed a successful program to allow Telecoms Dealers to easily sell managed security training to their users.

Cloud & Hosting Providers– Cloud Providers can build in a subscription Security Training Service component to their own or customers ecosystem, adding another revenue stream, whilst increasing value to their end user and differentiating their own cloud offering.

Consulting Organisations – Single consultants or consulting organisations that provide advice, consulting services or make client recommendations can now add in complementary training services to their consulting portfolio. A huge opportunity exists for consultants providing advice and guidance on GDPR, Bob’s will launch a GDPR module by the end of Q3.

Register Now

The partner program is open to all MSP’s, Resellers, Hosting Providers and Consulting Organisations.

We are taking applications now, so please click the link and register your interest

Modules available through the partner Platform will include our GDPR Modules, which will be available later this summer and has already gathered a huge amount of interest.


Key Benefits:

  • Quickly add margin and value as part of each module, consulting, or services sale
  • Deliver world class award winning training to your customer base
  • Build a managed security services revenue stream with no business overhead
  • Incorporate User Cyber Security Training into your solution value ecosystem
  • Start small & grow with us either strategically or as each opportunity presents itself
  • Priority of margin for you and protection of your existing customer relationships, through deal registration
  • Training, case studies and additional sales collateral provided