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vXtream’s requirements were to ensure that we provide accessible, on-going and relevant cyber security training to all staff, and to be able to evidence staff participation and results during internal and external audit processes.

Bob’s Business has been the key component in helping us achieve this business objective and information security compliance requirement.

vXtream has a large number of support staff who work in different locations and in different work patterns. Supporting our clients businesses is our number one priority, so we needed cyber security training solution which gave staff the flexibility to access training materials to suit their availability, while also ensuring that training was monitored and completed as required.

Bob’s Business gives us the flexibility we need in terms of course access and availability. The format of Bob’s Business makes the learning process enjoyable and fun, and positively encourages staff to participate in learning. Additionally being able easily to add new learning paths as legislation is introduced means that vXtream is maintaining consistency of knowledge and awareness across the business.

Bob’s Business has helped staff to become even more aware of security risks, and the frequency of training modules helps keep information and cyber security fresh and relevant.

The flexibility to access courses to suit vXtream staff availability ensures that courses are completed without any interruption. The format of the courses removes the typical training course experience and makes learning more entertaining, while maintaining compliance.

I would definitely recommend Bob’s Business, and would say that if information and cyber security are key to your business, then Bob’s Business is a great tool to provide on-going learning and awareness, and compliance.

Jamie Donelly,vXtream

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