Policy Integration & Bespoke Courses

Our range of cyber security eLearning courses are designed to cover a wide range of subjects, but we know that no two organisations are alike. That’s why we can work with you to create tailored courses, including policy integration and custom content.

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Bespoke Courses

What Are Bespoke Courses?

Off-the-shelf courses aren’t for every organisation, so we work closely with you to customise our cyber security courses to be relatable to your teams, whether it’s a little tweak to align our courses with your internal policies or a significant alteration to the content.

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Who Are Bespoke Courses For?

All organisations are different, and whilst our engaging animated cyber security courses fit the bill for many, alterations may be required for some. Our bespoke courses enable any organisation to integrate their policies and procedures for truly effective learning.

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Custom courses
Bespoke Cyber Security Courses

Why Choose Us for Bespoke Courses?

For organisations with specific training needs, our bespoke courses offer significant advantages, including: 

  • Truly customised content to increase awareness and understanding of organisational policies and procedures.
  • Full portal branding. 
  • Measurable tracking across your workforce.
  • Easy reporting and monitoring.
  • Course engagement rates of over 90% through relatable scenarios and environments.
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