Cyber Security Awareness Training

From passwords through to data protection, this eLearning course covers all aspects of cyber security awareness to make sure your organisation is protected, and your staff know what’s expected of them.

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Is cybersecurity training needed?

Why do you need Cyber Security Awareness Training?

With cyber threats and the risks to your organisation continually evolving, your staff need to keep up to date and have a heightened awareness of the role they play in keeping the organisation protected. From creating the perfect password through to what to do in the event of a security breach – our training helps you cover all bases.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Who is Cyber Security Awareness Training for?

Cyber threats know no boundaries, which is why our online training sessions are suitable for every size of organisation in the private and public sector, whether SME or enterprise. Our courses can also be tailored to suit your organisation, making them relevant and effective for every user.

Cyber Security Awareness Training
Who is cyber security training for?
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Cyber Security Awareness Course Benefits

Our entertaining, engaging and jargon-free eLearning courses ensure that your staff become more cyber security conscious and make the right choices. Short and concise sessions make content easy to digest and action.

  • Improve cyber security awareness and accountability
  • Measurable culture change and results
  • Define clear cyber security expectations and responsibilities
  • Reporting and monitoring for easy campaign management
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 27001
Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Course Modules

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