Cyber Security Courses

Everyone makes mistakes, but with industry-leading engagement levels of over 90% and a unique approach that ensures cyber security compliance and long term success, Bob’s Business’ GCHQ accredited training courses significantly reduce the number of breaches coming as a result of human error.

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cyber security courses

Why Do You Need Cyber Security Training?

1 in 3 UK businesses fell victim to a cyber security breach or attack in the last twelve months (DCMS). Of those, 4 out of 5 were the direct result of human error (ICO). Making mistakes is human, but with cyber security awareness training, you can limit the risk of human error in your organisation. 

Our GCHQ accredited cyber security awareness course is comprised of 23 individual modules, designed to educate your workforce in the many facets of cyber security.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Who Are Cyber Security Awareness Courses For?

Think you’re safe from cyber crime because you’re a small organisation? Think again. Cyber crime knows no bounds, and your workforce are the path of least resistance. Whether your organisation exists in the private or public sector, is an SME or a multinational, you can benefit from cyber security courses.

Cyber Security Awareness Training
Information Security Courses
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Why Choose Our Cyber Security Courses?

Bob’s Business believes that we learn better when we’re presented with training that is engaging, jargon-free and in bite-sized chunks. That’s why our courses are designed to be short, concise and fun. With our cyber security courses you can:

  • Improve cyber security awareness and accountability across your organisation.
  • Create measurable culture change and results with simple reports.
  • Define clear cyber security expectations and responsibilities.
  • Easily integrate your policies and procedures.
  • Ensure ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 compliance.
Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Course Modules

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