Phishing Training

Phishing attacks are one of the most common and successful tactics in a cyber criminal’s arsenal, our simulated phishing training course helps your staff identify the risks, so they don’t become the next victim.

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Phishing Training for Businesses

Why do you need Phishing Training?

Opening and responding to a seemingly innocent and legitimate email can be an easy mistake to make. But if this turns out to be a phishing email it can have disastrous consequences for your organisation. With cyber criminals using every trick in the book to fool us into giving away personal and confidential information, educating your staff to recognise the tactics and understand the risks is vital.

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Think Before You Click

Our simulated phishing training brings common scenarios to life in a controlled environment, with the help of Bob and the team. This helps you and your staff to identify the risks and mitigate them in reality.

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Think Before you Click
Simulated phishing courses for Businesses

Simulated Phishing Course Benefits

With cyber threats knowing no boundaries, our courses are suitable for every organisation size and can be tailored for every scenario. Key benefits include:

  • Improved awareness of phishing threats
  • Break down communication barriers between your IT team and staff
  • Reporting to identify weaknesses or where additional training is required
  • Tracking of improvement and course effectiveness


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How does Simulated Phishing Training work?

Benefits of phishing training

Specify your needs

Our team will work with you to create a phishing campaign and communications plan that best suits your organisation.

Over 130 phishing templates

Tailor your training

Choose from over 130 phishing email templates to create your simulated attack.

Begin your simulated phishing attack

Start the scenario

Send out the phishing emails to staff and see which areas of your organisation needs the most support! Direct staff who interact with the emails to the associated training modules to improve future actions and awareness levels.

Improve employee awareness

Evaluate and improve

Comprehensive reporting features mean you can track campaign progress, reductions in click-through rates and which areas of your organisation need to do extra training.

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