Phishing Simulation and Training

Phishing is the leading cause of system compromise, allowing cybercriminals to gain access to your organisation’s confidential information. Protect your finances and reputation with our award-winning phishing simulation and training, now included as part of The Culture Package.

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Simulated Phishing

Why Do You Need Phishing Training?

Your staff open and respond to countless emails throughout the day, often without giving a thought as to whether their intent is malicious. In fact, 97% of people can’t spot a phishing email, according to McAfee Labs.

Cybercriminals know this, which is why they target your workforce with carefully designed phishing emails. It’s a vulnerability that you can turn into strength with our ‘Think Before you Click’ phishing test and training, which forms part of The Culture Package.

Included in The Culture Package

Think Before You Click

Our award-winning ‘Think Before You Click’ phishing simulation brings typical phishing scenarios to life in a controlled environment. 

Our phishing templates are built to replicate the social engineering tactics and psychological techniques used by real criminals to get individuals to click. Coupled with deep analysis, this enables us to effectively identify vulnerabilities in behaviour and target training to challenge thinking and reduce risk.

Included as part of The Culture Package, Think Before You Click helps transform cultures and behaviours around phishing in your organisation.

Included in The Culture Package
Think Before you Click
Think Before you Click

Simulated Phishing Course Benefits

With cyber threats on the rise for organisations of every size, Think Before You Click and The Culture Package are ideally suited to raise phishing awareness in any organisation and can be tailored to any scenario. Key benefits include:

  • Improved awareness of phishing threats.
  • Regular, psychologically-informed reporting to identify weaknesses or where additional training is required.
  • Tracking of improvement and course effectiveness.
Included in The Culture Package

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