Policy Integration

By combining your policies and procedures with our eLearning courses you reinforce your organisation’s key messages across your workforce to ensure they become second nature.

Policy integrated cyber security courses

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Why integrate your policy?

Why do you need Policy Integration?

We understand that each organisation is different, which is why integrating your policies and procedures can ensure they are followed by staff and not filed away in the depths of their inboxes.

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Who is Policy Integration for?

Every organisation of every size has security policies in place, that need to be followed to minimise risk and ensure compliance. Our team can work with SMEs through to enterprises, in the public and private sector to integrate your specific policies and procedures in our courses for maximum effect.

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Why do you need policy integration?
Policy integrated cyber security training

Policy Integration Key Benefits

With no organisation or individual exempt from following the rules, our policy integration service lets you implement your policies into our courses to ensure compliance.

  • Maximise policy adherence among workforce
  • Improve understanding of cyber security responsibilities
  • Easily enforce workplace policies to minimise risk
  • Measurable results
  • Easy reporting and monitoring
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