Policy Management

Don't let your policies go ignored. With The Culture Package, Policy Management comes as standard, so you can upload your policies to your LMS alongside our innovative courses, to increase understanding and adherence among your workforce.

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Policy Management Is Included With The Culture Package, Get in Touch to Know More

Policy Managed Courses

Why Do You Need Policy Management?

Getting employees to engage with company policy and procedure can be an uphill battle, but by integrating your policies with our LMS you can track completion rates among your staff so that no employee is left behind.

Included in The Culture Package

Who is Policy Management For?

Every organisation, regardless of size, has policies in place that need to be followed to minimise risk and ensure compliance with industry standards. We offer brilliantly effective policy management, allowing any organisation to deploy and track their policies across its employees. 

Included in The Culture Package
Policy Managed Courses
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How Does our Policy Management Work?

Uploading your policies to our LMS couldn’t be simpler. Our friendly team will work with you to host your policies and procedures on the LMS, alongside your monthly course rollout as part of The Culture Package.

Included in The Culture Package

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