Human Vulnerability Assessment

The first step in improving your cyber security awareness is knowing where your workforce is vulnerable. Our all-new Employee Vulnerability Assessment removes the guesswork so you can be sure you're bringing change to the right areas of your organisation.


Included in The Culture Package

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Discover Your Organisational Vulnerabilities

Cyber security awareness solutions often neglect the fact that no two organisations are the same, including their vulnerabilities.

Our three-part HumanVulnerability Assessment highlights the parts of your human firewall that require extra attention, allowing us to deliver exceptionally effective training.

Truly Tailored Course Rollout

Bob’s Culture utilises our Employee Vulnerability Assessment to create a custom 10-course rollout plan for your organisation, changing behaviours in areas where your workforce are particularly vulnerable. Backed by an 18-point Reinforcement Strategy, it’s what makes Bob’s Culture so effective at bringing measurable change.

cyber security awareness
Cyber Training Baseline

Set a Baseline for Improvement

Completed at the start of your 12-month term, your Human Vulnerability Assessment sets a baseline for your organisational cyber security awareness. At the end of your term, you’ll complete another assessment to reveal exactly how much and in what areas your workforce has improved.

What Goes Into the Human Vulnerability Assessment?

organisation analysis call

Organisation Analysis Call

On your Organisation Analysis Call, we’ll discuss the technologies you use, your biggest threats, key training priorities, previous attacks, workforce risk behaviours and much more. This helps us tailor a course rollout that drives meaningful change in your organisation.

phishing baseline

Phishing Baseline

Your workforce will also take part in a Phishing Baseline, designed to show your current vulnerability to phishing attacks. Using our award-winning phishing templates, we will highlight the psychological factors that your workforce is susceptible to.

awareness questionnaire

Awareness Questionnaire

The final part of the Human Vulnerability Assessment is your Awareness Questionnaire. Completed by your workforce, this questionnaire helps determines which courses are rolled out on a month-by-month basis and provides a baseline to compare with at the end of your 12-month cycle.

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