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GDPR Training

People are central to your organisation and need to know before 25th May 2018 how the changes made under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect them.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the biggest shake up in Data Protection in a generation.

The new legislation was introduced to bring Data Protection into the modern era by extending its scope to include information such as IP addresses under the banner of ‘personal data’ and giving more rights to individuals regarding their own data.

One of the major changes is regarding the fines for those organisations that do not comply with the new regulations. The Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO) will have the power to fine organisations €20,000,000 or 4% annual turnover depending which is higher.

How Can Bob’s Business Help?

We have developed a suite of eLearning modules to help raise awareness of the GDPR and educate your staff on how it will affect them.

GDPR will be a difficult topic to grasp for staff, it’s a lot of information to consume. This is why we have created a nine part course which focuses on engaging the user through bite size modules and vibrant animation.

This course was built alongside data protection experts, The Data Protection People, ensuring you can trust the quality of the content included.

Our courses will give you all the information required to prepare you for the new regulation and ensuring your organisation is following the necessary procedures.

Be compliant, be aware and get to know GDPR.

GDPR Module Trailer



  • Why is GDPR So important?
  • Key definitions
  • Key Changes, Concepts and Processing Conditions
  • Key Principles
  • Privacy Impact Assessments and Security Measures
  • Data Subjects - additional rights and consent
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Fair processing
  • Data Breaches and Noncompliance
  • Key Benefits

  • Understanding the complexities of GDPR
  • Can be implemented as part of your GDPR plan
  • Ensures all users understand their obligations
  • Engages through the use of animation and quizzes
  • Trusted, quality content reviewed by Subject Matter Experts
  • Who does it apply to?

    Everyone! GDPR concerns every individual in your organisation. People must be the primary focus when implementing GDPR because without them, your organisation will be non-compliant.


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