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Why do you need phishing training?

Phishing is a common tactic used by cyber criminals to gain access to sensitive information. Through our award-winning phishing training campaign Think Before You Click, Bob and the team can train your staff to spot these malicious emails and demonstrate the procedures they should follow when they receive a phishing email.

  • To educate you on how to spot phishing emails
  • To identify weak spots within your workforce
  • Ensure that you know the correct procedures when dealing with phishing emails
Phishing Training
Phishing  Training

Simulated Phishing Training: Think Before You Click

Cyber criminals target organisations of all shapes and sizes with phishing emails. Think Before You Click, our simulated phishing training course, can be tailored to test employees with varying levels of technical knowledge. It can highlight specific areas within your organisation which would benefit from further training, allowing you to patch any holes within your human firewall.

  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Large private sector organisations
  • Local and central governments
  • Public sector organisations

Key benefits

Think Before You Click educates your staff on how to spot and avoid falling victim to malicious phishing emails with a series of mock scenarios. Comprehensive reporting allows you to measure the level of risk within your organisation and identify weak spots in your workforce.
  • Raise phishing awareness
  • Identify weak spots in your workforce
  • Measure the level of risk within your organisation
  • Reduce complacency and risk
  • Track improvements and quantify campaign effectiveness
  • Strengthen a business case for ISA

Online Phishing Training Modules

Think Before You Click

Think Before You Click

Worried about having your details stolen? Malware installing itself on your computer? Wise up and stay clear of being a victim of a phishing scam with Bob’s Think Before You Click module. Learn about identifiable traits of a phishing scam and how to deal with them.

Think Before You Click 2

Think Before You Click 2

This campaign is an extension designed for clients who have seen the positive impact of the original Think Before You Click campaign, but need to build on that success to further reduce vulnerability and threats.

How Does Simulated Phishing Training Work?


Specify your requirements

Our team will work closely with you to create a phishing campaign that best suits your needs.

Choose your phishing emails

TBYC’s flexibility allows you to build tailored phishing campaigns from a range of over 80 email templates for staff who will have varying technical knowledge.

You're ready to go!

Once you’ve planned out your phishing campaign, you’re ready to roll out the training! If any of your employees fall for one of the fake phishing emails, they will be directed to a training module to educate them on how to avoid being phished.

See your results

You can check your staff’s progress with the training through the campaign’s comprehensive reporting suite and check how your employees react to the phishing campaigns.

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